Three Ways To Find Modern Art By Local Artists

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Some people like to decorate their homes with mass-produced wall decor they find at big box stores. Others would rather that each piece of artwork in their home had meaning. If you fall into the latter camp, you are probably searching for modern art for sale made by local artists in your area. But connecting with these people can be hard since they don't always have a huge marketing budget. Here are three ways to find modern art by local artists.

Attend Local Festivals and Art Walks

Most cities have various festivals throughout the year where artisans attend and sell their items at booths. Some of these events are specialized for artists, so every booth you visit will have artwork ready to buy. Other festivals may have other focuses -- like gardening or music -- but there will still be booths with vendors selling their arts and crafts. Even if you do not specifically like something being sold at a specific booth, but you like the concept, you can get the artist's information. Contact them later and see if they would be willing to make a custom piece for you.

Visit Local Coffee Shops and Stores

Many local coffee shops and other stores partner with local artists. They may display their art in the store or shop as a decoration, but this also serves as advertising space for the artist. If you see something you like, ask the coffee shop owner. It might be for sale off the wall, or they might be able to put you in touch with the local artist so you can buy a similar piece or have one commissioned.

Attend Gallery Walks

Some cities have "gallery Tuesdays" or "gallery Thursdays" in which all of the art galleries and similar businesses open for free to the public during certain hours. This may take place weekly or just once a month. Local restaurants usually have specials or serve snacks on the same night. Visit the websites of local towns or cities to see when gallery nights take place. This gives you the chance to see the work of numerous artists all at once. Plus, walking through the town is a fun experience.

If you employ the three strategies above, you will have an easier time finding modern art you love. Once you fall in love with one piece, that artist will often be willing to make other coordinating pieces to decorate your entire home.