How To Choose Art For Your Kitchen, Bedroom, and Bathroom

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With the amount of art available in the world, from prints to paintings to photographs, there should be no blank walls in the world. Your home is your canvas, and you should cover that canvas with art. A home that is covered in art is inviting and welcoming. Every room in your home has the potential to display artwork.

Get Complementary Art for the Kitchen

Your kitchen is a busy space. When it comes to choosing art for your kitchen, you want to choose art that is going to complement your kitchen and not dominate the space. The best places to display art in your kitchen are the spaces above your cabinets or on your countertops. Kitchens are great places for simple prints with inspirational or funny sayings on them. If you decorate your kitchen in a particular theme, such as chickens, you could also add a small piece of artwork that complements your theme.

Get Large Pieces for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your personal space. Your bedroom should be a personal oasis, whatever that means for you. In your bedroom, you have a lot of space to work with, so feel free to go with a larger piece of artwork. When you hang the larger piece of artwork, be sure to keep the painting at eye level.

If you want your room to remind you of vacation aspirations, get a framed print of a hidden beach in Cinque Terre, Italy to hang up in your room. If you are passionate about the Marvel universe, get a large print of your favorite Marvel characters. The artwork in your room should reflect your personality.

Get Calming Artwork for the Bathroom

Your bathroom is a great place for a framed piece of artwork that is behind a glass or plastic frame. That way, if the artwork gets splashed with water, it will not get damaged.

In the bathroom, go for a set of artwork. Two or three small complementary pieces hanging up together over your toilet or next to the shower look nice.

Choose artwork that has a calming feeling to it. It could be abstract or landscape, but it should make you feel good when you look at it.

Your home is a big, blank canvas that you can fill with artwork. Add some fun inspiration artwork to your kitchen, a big statement piece to your bedroom, and some beautifully calming artwork in your bathroom. Every room in your home is ripe for some great artwork.

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